Thursday, 21 October 2010


Reality is a little inconvenient at times - there simply isn't time to piss about all evening, and get all my work done, AND get at least 7 hours sleep, yet that is exactly what I want to do! But, as I said, reality doesn't allow such things. Another thing that's plaguing my peace of mind is how it's hard to stop anyone being annoyed these days - there's always someone somewhere with a silly little grudge. And it's... silly. So I take it all out on my new piano :D

This beautiful specimen of a digital piano is currently standing elegantly on the opposite side of the room to me. I have to say, money for value-wise this is one of the best buys I've made, and I've bought, amongst other things, an iPod, red converse boot things for £1.50, and a straw trilby, all of which I absolutely adore. And this tops them aaaaaall dudes. It's got about 10 different settings, not including dual and split voice, and this funky thing that makes the sustain pedal create the effect of a real grand piano with the reverberation of the other strings! Sweeeeeeet.

Have to say though, it's made all the better by the pieces suggested to me by my friends - special mentioning of Emma Dooley is appropriate here - because I owe a lot of my musical tastes to them. New favourite song is Letters From The Sky by Civil Twilight, which is great to bash out while screeching the falsetto parts :D so I think I'm gonna go do that now I think. Toodles guys x

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