Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Me, roughly

My life is honestly unrecognisable from what it was in 2009, and 2011 is coming on fast. Despite this, I still feel I don't live life fully enough... I try my best though :D Anyways, the point of this post is that I want to record some of how everything feels flipped and turned around every which way in a little more than a year.

Most significant in all that's happened to me is the amazing way in which my relationships with the rest of humanity have developed, and the amazing way in which the number of them has increased too. I've gone from feeling like an awkward, antisocial idiot to feeling like an overly open, overly social idiot, and it's great to be honest! The friends I've made make every day fun and exciting, and the friends I've kept make every day worthwhile - make every day precious. Well, I don't want to divide old and new so definitely, because I can think of a number of people who achieve both of those things... but for the sake of poeticism, I'll leave it as that.

There have been a few special cases of relationships in my past which haven't been quite as joyful, but were still valuable. I've matured greatly as a result of these, and the lessons I've learned have carved out my personality and values to a great extent. I now hold forgiveness in higher esteem than ever before, along with forthright honesty and, whenever possible, fairness. I've seen too many people angry and upset following disputes - emotions that could be so simply resolved with these three things. It may seem hard or impossible in a time of conflict to forgive someone without reservation or hesitation, but the alternative is to walk away hurt, and there is simply no time to waste being hurt when there are so many good things in the world to live for. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to start a religion here, I'm just trying to share my experience and my convictions, so that others might live better and might understand me better do. So yeah... think about that one.

But this is all terribly depressing, so I'll cut that short. On a far merrier note, my hobbies and interests - I've gone from being apathetic towards music practice to owning my own damn piano :D And even a ukulele! I feel as though I'm about to take off on the path to musical stardom, were it not for the fact I'm still lazy and don't practice... ah well. I'll still play you a song any time all the same!

Y'know, I really can't be arsed with a post encompassing my entire psyche and experiences, so I'll continue a theme and cut this entire thing short. One last thing though: I laugh REALLY loudly, though that's been building up for years.

Over and out xx

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